Paper V Pad

I was talking to someone yesterday about the digital portfolios and old school physical ones. I’ll be honest, I really don’t miss dragging one of those big black leather portfolios around with me, but I do miss having something tactile to show. I’ve been at this designing lark for so long, i used to paint prints in gouache and colour my fashion illustrations with pantone pens. I miss the slight smell of spray mount (god knows i don’t miss spray booths and slightly crunchy arms from a day of cutting out and mounting boards), mixed with pantone and new plastic insert sleeves. I even miss those annoying black paper sheets that you could never get back in if you took them all the way out.

Afterwards I had a look through some of my really old work, stuff I did in watercolour paints for Esprit Baby, how I miss all that! Then there was scribbling onto tipex sheets to get texture and oil pastels and metallic gold pens.

Maybe it’s time to step away from photoshop, get some back to basics, produce work that is great because of it’s blemishes, it’s happy accidents, not it’s perfection.

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